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ABOUT nadia 

I'm a photographer that loves to cook. I am a mother that understands the importance of diet. My idea is to represent all food lovers so this universal language called food can keep us relatable. Food is a very  strong bonding tool. Lets eat together and enjoy a glass of wine. 


I am a self taught cook that specializes in charcuterie boards, meals perfect for families, and pies. My esthetic is elegance, color and taste. I love dinner parties or preparing a nice meal just for two. I learned a lot from my mother. 


 My mother went to school for culinary arts and, as a child, I would always get in trouble snooping in my mother's school books. My mother and I would cook in the kitchen and she showed me old recipes from my grandmother and great grandmother. My passion for food, cooking, and serving others runs deep.


Thank you for your purchase(s) and thank you for taking the time to visit  :-) 

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Q. Do you come and put it all together? Or will that be something I would have to do?

A. Yes, I come to your event (during the set up process) and your specialized grazing table will be set up and ready to go before your first guest arrive. 


The Top Tier Charcuterie Board Box & The Gold Standard are the only two boards available for boxing 

Q. How long can a charcuterie board sit out at my party? I don't want my guest to be sick...

A. Two (2) hours max. No exceptions.


If your event last longer than two hours, we recommend our plant based option. 


If you don't want to take advantage of our vegan charcuterie board, we have a special way of keeping meats and cheeses chilled. This will last about 4 or 5 hours. 

Q. How Far will you travel? 

A. 50 miles from Downtown, Seattle...


A travel fee is added at checkout when Honey's Pies are delivered. 

Charcuterie Board Boxes are available for pick up. 

Delivery is available but must be requested and a travel fee will be added.

Grazing a table for your next event? ...anything past 50 miles will have a traveling fee attached to final cost.

Q. Can I order a vegan pie? 

Q. YES! we have vegan options! Please, specify that when placing your order. 

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