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Fall Flavors: A Caterer's Guide to Autumn Delights.

As the leaves begin to turn and a crispness fills the air, our catering kitchen at Pies Boards And Books is buzzing with excitement. Seattle's showers hasn't brought us down. Fall is upon us, and it's the season we've all been waiting for! With the comforting aroma of cinnamon, nutmeg, and freshly baked Honey's Pies, we're ready to usher in the coziest time of the year.

...embrace the beauty of fall and explore the delectable world of sweet potato pie, apple pie, honey pie, and more.

Embrace the Sweet Potato Pie Craze

One of the most iconic fall desserts has to be the sweet potato pie. My great grandmother has perfected this classic recipe over the years, ensuring each bite is a warm hug for your taste buds. Imagine the velvety smoothness of sweet potato puree, combined with just the right amount of spices, nestled in a flaky homemade pie crust. It's a slice of heaven that's impossible to resist.

But why should you choose sweet potato pie this fall? For starters, it's a healthy option, packing a punch of vitamins and fiber. Secondly, it's the perfect dessert to complement your Thanksgiving feast. So, whether you're planning a family dinner, gifting sweets, or a cozy gathering with friends; sweet potato pie deserves a place at the table.

Savor the Timeless Apple Pie

When it comes to fall, can you ever go wrong with apple pie? We think not! Honey's Apple Pie involves hand-picked, crisp apples from Pike Place Market, bathed in a sweet, tangy, and spicy cinnamon glaze, all nestled within a tender, buttery crust. Each bite is a burst of autumn flavors that warms the soul.

Apple pie represents tradition, nostalgia, and a sense of togetherness. It's the dessert that bridges generations and creates cherished memories. My great grandmother would be so proud to see my daughter cooking her very recipe. So, this fall, make it a point to relish the comforting taste of Honey's Apple Pie. Serve it warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for the ultimate experience.

Indulge in the Unique Honey Pie

At Pies Boards And Books, we believe in offering something a little different, something that stands out. That's where our Honey's Honey Pie comes into play. Made with the finest local honey from Pike Place Market, this dessert is a symphony of sweetness and salty and buttery goodness. It's a celebration of the golden nectar's unique flavor profile, paired with a flaky pastry crust that cradles it perfectly.

Honey's Honey Pie is a delightful surprise for your taste buds. It's not your everyday pie, but it's precisely what makes it special. This fall, be adventurous and explore new flavors by adding honey pie to your dessert spread. Your guests will be in for a delightful surprise.

Elevate Your Gatherings with Charcuterie Boards

While pies undoubtedly steal the show, let's not forget about our equally impressive charcuterie boards and grazing tables. Fall is the season for cozy gatherings, and our artisanal charcuterie boards are here to elevate your events. Picture an array of cured meats, artisan cheeses, fresh fruits, nuts, and an assortment of delectable spreads, all beautifully arranged on a rustic wooden board.

Charcuterie boards are the epitome of sharing and indulgence. They're perfect for intimate gatherings, family reunions, or even a date night in front of the fireplace. This fall, let our charcuterie boards be the centerpiece of your gatherings, sparking conversations and creating memorable moments.

How You Can Support Pies Boards And Books

As a small, local catering business, your support means the world to us. Here's how you can help us continue to bring these fall delights to your table:

  1. Order Ahead: Plan your fall gatherings in advance and place your orders with us. Whether it's Honey's Pies or charcuterie boards, we're here to make your events special.

  2. Spread the Word: Tell your friends and family about Pies Boards And Books. Word of mouth is invaluable to us, and your recommendation goes a long way.

  3. Follow Us on Social Media: Stay updated on our seasonal offerings, promotions, and events by following us on social media. Your likes, shares, and comments make a big difference.

  4. Leave a Review: If you've enjoyed our catering services, please consider leaving a review online. Your feedback helps us improve and reach more customers.

This fall, let's come together to celebrate the flavors, traditions, and togetherness that this season brings. At Pies Boards And Books, we're here to make your autumn gatherings even more special with our sweet potato pies, apple pies, honey pies, and artisanal charcuterie boards. Thank you for supporting our passion for crafting unforgettable culinary experiences. Here's to a season filled with warmth, joy, and delicious memories!


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