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International Women's Day!!

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Celebrating Women in Seattle!


Nadia Moseley checking in! What a great time to shout out my lovely female clients! I have had the privilege of serving some of Seattle's BEST and I'd love to share their stories. This is part one, I wish I could fit everyone in one blog post but I cant. So, here we go....

The origins of International Women’s Day can be traced back to the early 1900s when women around the world began to organize themselves in the fight for voting rights, equal pay, and other important causes. In 1911, International Women’s Day was first celebrated in Austria, Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland. Since then, the day has become an international celebration of women’s achievements, with many countries recognizing it as a national holiday.International Women’s Day is celebrated in many different ways around the world. From marches and protests, to educational events and special dinners, there are many ways to honor the contributions of women and recognize their importance in society.

As a woman who owns Pies Boards and Books, I know the importance of celebrating special occasions, and International Women’s Day is no exception. This day is a time to recognize and honor the many contributions, achievements, and successes of women around Seattle that has booked with Pies Board & Books. At our catering company, we are proud to be part of the celebration of International Women’s Day every year. We believe in creating a safe and supportive environment for both our female employees and our female clients. As a result, we take this time as an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the amazing female clients of Pies Boards & Books.

  • The Comfort Zone Resturant w/owners Talya Miller & LaShon Lewis

Seattle Soul food restaurant international womans day
Talya Miller and LaShon Lewis


For soul food with a healthy twist, located in the Columbia City area of Seattle, The Comfort Zone offers a unique experience, combining delicious home-style foods with southern hospitality. They offer the best soul food in the Pacific Northwest. Check out the Comfort Zone, located in the historic Royal Esquire club on Rainier. Owner Talya Miller & Lashon Lewis opened ten years ago, and has been serving up fresh takes on the classics — like oxtails, mac and cheese, and catfish — to the community ever since.

After stints in Tacoma and Burien, Talya learned the Royal Esquire Club — a nonprofit that opened in 1947 wanted to invite a restaurant into their space. She jumped at the chance to be a part of the club’s revival. “The club is more diverse now than it ever was before, and it’s because they’ve stayed committed to the idea that everybody is invited and included,” she says. “It’s a community hub and a warm, inviting environment, and I feel blessed to be there.” That environment makes the perfect backdrop for The Comfort Zone’s food — after all, says Talya, soul food tends to bring out “that feeling of safety and comfort in everyone who comes to eat it.”

Her commitment to serving the community goes beyond the soul-nourishing food she and her daughter cook up. She also served as a foster parent to kids who can’t be placed in traditional foster homes for 27 years. Running a business and foster parenting is a lot to take on, but she says she and her daughter “always make time for the kids we take in so they know anyone who really cares about them will make time for them.”


  • Brit Morse Thompson Account-Based Marketing at Syndio | Workplace Equity Advocate | Driving pipeline with strategic accounts

Amazing mother and homemaker celebrated on international woman's day
Brit M Thompson

Brit is a beautiful business professional, mother, wife and an all around amazing friend to those close to her. I became introduced to Brit when she booked a luxury grazing experience for her and her friends for a 1920's murder mystery themed dinner party. What an awesome way to graze with friends. She's an excellent mother and homemaker and she makes it look so easy. On a professional note, she has a background in tech startups, She's well-versed in finding smart and scrappy ways to tell brand stories, create cohesive customer experiences, and reach new audiences. Her experience working in quick-paced environments means she likes to think outside the box, while taking industry best practices into account.

We celebrate Brit Thompson and all her good works on this fine day!


  • Leila Hayward with NirvanaHolistic

International woman's day write up about liquid gold sea moss
Leila Howard and Son

Leila, better known as Hoodoracle.Indigo, has dedicated her practice to enhance the beauty in women through out the Washington State area for many years. As a hair salon owner, Leila has the ability to beautify you on the outside but her seamoss Liquid Gold holds many healing properties that can beautify you from within. Liquid Gold can be found online or available for pick up at Virtuous Hair Studio

Her 24K Liquid Gold is the master flush gut health formula that heals the lining of the gut, breaks down mucus and toxins, corrects skin disfuntions and many more benitits. Her Devine Goddess seamoss is perfect for women who want to regulate their hormones. This seamoss blend has Adaptogen and Aphrodisiac Herbs that specialize in regulating the stressors in a woman's body. Men can enjoy the Devine God seamoss, a complete blend that targets the male's testosterone. Designed to keep men feeling youthful, this seamoss regimen is encouraged for those men who love eating meat.

Leila Howard also spreads her wings and encourages other women to be entrepreneurs by selling her herbs and seamoss kits wholesale. Check out her Liquid Gold clients that went from happy customer to boss babe selling Liquid Gold to her own clients. You can find out more information by following Leila Howard at


  • Shahirah Mohamed

Muslim woman celebrated on international womans day in seattle
Shahirah Mohamed

This Beauty is an all around powerhouse. She's an entrepreneur , student, real estate agent, friend, lover and Mother! Her flexibility is something to celebrate on this day of womanhood. She is spiritually in-tuned and teaches personal fitness training and yoga through out Seattle. She is with Skyline Properties and can get you into your dream home hassle free. An Aries woman, she's a very loyal person with integrity and will fight for what she believes in. If you ever get a chance to book a training session, or purchase a home from her or have a casual dinner, you'll be in great company.


  • Anisa Ishida Marketing Director at Red Propeller

Beautiful black woman professional beast cancer survivor Seattle
Anisa Ishida

Anisa has Always been inspired by the role that brands play in our lives, especially how welcoming people are to brand experiences that have strong emotional qualities. Her advertising career has driven breakthrough campaigns, partnerships, and experiences that deliver business impact. Innovating to bring first-to-market experiences across TV/streaming, out-of-home, digital, social, partnerships, custom, eCommerce, relationship marketing, events, blogs/forums, and web. Some of my work with brands that were seeking to transform themselves include Microsoft Surface devices and Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP). Her diverse experiences across products, services, and campaigns allow her to bring strategic insights and a unique perspective to marketing and business decisions. Outside of her work, Anisa enjoys time in a leadership role at the Junior League of Seattle, the Seattle Chapter President of the Black Girl’s Wine Society (BGWS), sits on the Executive Leadership Team for Seattle Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, and enjoys the opportunity to speak on behalf of cancer survivors for The America Cancer Society.

With beauty and brilliance and strength, Anisa is the blueprint for why we celebrate women on this day. Check out Anisa on King 5 News discussing her breast cancer survivor journey and find out more ways you can give back to Anisa's favorite charities.

All of these women contribute to Seattle in so many different ways, we cant help but notice how important their impact is to everyone around them, including me. These women are beautiful, strong, resilient, creative, intelligent, and often times, leaders in their respective fields. On this day, Pies Boards and Books thanks you. KEEP SHINING!!!

Nadia Moseley

Pies Boards & Books



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