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Women's History month!

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Pies Boards And Books Celebrating Women


Nadia Moseley checking in again! Did you know it was Women's History Month. It's a fine time to write an opinion piece on women and how they impact my daily life as a female entrepreneur. I have had the privilege of serving some of Seattle's BEST and Ive ran across a few "mean girls"but who cares. This is part two. In Part One, I highlighted some phenomenal women, so check that out. In

In part two I'm going to dive into the how influential women can be, but first. How did this month long celebration come to pass?

The idea for Women's History Month originated in California in 1978, when a group of female educators decided to designate a week in March to celebrate the contributions of women to history. The group chose the week of March 8th, International Women's Day, to honor the achievements of women.That same year, the US Congress passed a resolution declaring the week of March 8th as National Women’s History Week. In 1987, the National Women’s History Project successfully advocated for the expansion of this celebration to the entire month of March.Since then, Women’s History Month has been commemorated each year with special events, educational programs, and increased media coverage of the accomplishments and struggles of women throughout history. The purpose is to bring attention to the many ways women have shaped our world and to recognize their contributions in a variety of fields, from science and politics to the arts and social justice.

Now, all women have to do is become a social media influencer, or send a message in her group chat or contact her professional buddies and the entire environment will shift. Who runs the world? GIRLS! Some women are more at peace working solo. Either way, women get things DONE!

Women are often more compassionate, patient and nurturing compared to their counterparts. They are also more likely to be better communicators, better problem-solvers, and better at multitasking. Women tend to be more open to change and adapt better to new situations, and are often more willing to take risks. Overall, women are often better at creating strong relationships with people and working together to reach a common goal. This is a man's world but I think us women designed the blueprint.

So, how do you celebrate women's history month in todays climate? I mean, besides booking a luxury grazing experience and having a charcuterie board party. lol

1. Host or attend an event to celebrate the history and achievements of women.

2. Share stories and facts about women’s history and their contributions to society.

3. Read and discuss books written by female authors.

4. Celebrate the accomplishments of female role models in your life.

5. Donate to an organization that supports the empowerment of women and girls.

6. Educate yourself on the struggles and successes of women throughout history.

7. Support and promote businesses owned by women.

8. Advocate for gender parity in the workplace.

9. Attend a protest or rally in support of women’s rights.

10. Participate in a volunteer activity that benefits women in your community.

The flip side to all this love is HATE! Have you ever seen a bunch of women being catty and competitive. Being a "Mean Girl" is not acceptable behavior. It is hurtful, disrespectful, and can cause long-term damage to relationships. Instead, focus on being kind, respectful, and understanding of others. Everyone has different experiences and perspectives, so it's important to be open-minded and accepting of others.

Women have more in common than we think, from shared struggles to common interests, women can relate to each other on many levels. From the everyday experiences of juggling a career, family, and friends to the unique struggles faced by women all over the world, women can relate to each other in ways that go beyond the boundaries of race, religion, and culture. Women can bond over topics such as food, motherhood, self-care, career success, and more. Women can also come together to support each other in times of need and to celebrate each other’s successes. My favorite way is through charcuterie board, of course. lol they are a great way for women to gather together and share delicious food and conversation.

Women today have significantly more opportunities than women 20 years ago. Women today have access to more education, resources, and career opportunities than ever before. Women are increasingly represented in leadership roles, earning more money than their male counterparts, and are increasingly taking on more traditionally male-dominated roles, such as in technology and engineering. Women today also have more control over reproductive rights and access to better healthcare. Additionally, in many countries, women are increasingly being granted more rights and protection from gender-based violence, harassment, and discrimination.

Women's History Month is an important time to recognize the contributions of women to my business as a caterer, our history, culture, and society. It is an opportunity to reflect on the progress made and to continue to push for gender equality. Women's History Month is a celebration of the power of women and a reminder of the works that still need to be done. We got this!


Go Team GO!



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